Florida Appellate Law

Any party disagreeing with the opinion rendered by a civil or criminal court may request an appeal, which is the process of having the lower court’s decision reviewed by a higher court. This right is guaranteed by both the US and Florida constitutions and is a process handled by an appellate attorney, such as the highly qualified attorneys at The Sichta Firm.

Appeals attorneys at The Sichta Firm are experienced, specialized attorneys who are skilled at legal research and composing appellate briefs. We deal with the facts of the law and explain why the lower court’s decision should be affirmed or reversed, based on precedent.

In addition to the Florida Supreme Court, Florida has five District Courts of Appeal. They are located as follows:

In an appeals case, either party can challenge the ruling of the court. The party filing the appeal is known as the appellant or petitioner, and the other party is known as the appellee or respondent. Unlike a trial where there is only one judge, an appeals case is reviewed by a panel of three judges.

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First Dirstrict Court of Appeal - Tallahassee, FL